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CASp & ADA Compliance Inspector | Bill Holl, AIA.

Bill Holl is a Bay Area Certified Access Specialist (CASp) and ADA Compliance Inspector providing inspections and ADA accessibility design solutions. His focus is on protecting businesses from lawsuits and fines. From accessibility code violations to ADA law requirements, he can protect your business and service all your access compliance needs with feasible and cost-effective ADA compliance solutions.

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The CASp program, established via state legislation in 2003, meets the public’s need for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) experts. These experts provide opinions as to the compliance of buildings and sites with California codes and regulations, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act. As a certified CASp expert, Bill Holl inspects buildings and sites for ADA accessibility.

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A CASp site or building inspection involves using distance and surface slope measuring tools to determine compliance with applicable construction-related accessibility standards. An inspection covers site accessible parking, signage and paths of travel and building seating, transaction counters, sanitary facilities and paths of travel. Contact us for more information on site features covered in a CASp inspection.

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CASp inspection reports include a summary of the permit history, a description of the facilities, and identification of all accessibility barriers. The report also includes applicable construction-related accessibility standards that apply, based on the building permit history. The report states a determination of “meets applicable standards” or “inspected by a CASP,” in which case violations of the applicable standards are identified.

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An ADA accessibility plan review determines the compliance of facility plans and specifications with state and federal accessibility laws, codes and regulations.

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Bill Holl also leverages experience as an Architect and Contractor. This means he will provide ADA-compliant design solutions that are feasible and cost-effective, if needed.

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