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What Is ADA Access Compliance?

ADA paddingThe Certified Access Specialist (CASp) certification was created to provide trained, experienced and tested experts who can assess the compliance of buildings and sites with the State of California codes and regulations, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding access for persons with disabilities.


Providing ADA Access

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires owners of existing places of public accommodation assess their property to determine accessibility barriers. A business that provides goods and services to the public is required to remove barriers if doing so is readily achievable.


Commercially Leased Properties and ADA Access Requirements

Any private entity leasing a building that operates as a place of public accommodation is responsible for removing barriers to access. Commercial leases in California now must include a clause denoting if an accessibility inspection by a CASp has been completed on the property, though the inspections are not required. An access compliance services inspection by a CASp is the best defense against accessibility lawsuits.


SB 1068 and CASp Inspections

SB 1608 provides several ways to help business owners avoid being sued under the disability access laws, including hiring a CASp to inspect buildings to ensure access compliance and provide an inspection report as proof. Following approval from a CASp, business owners can request a window sign indicating they have taken proactive steps to comply with disability access laws.


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