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Best Practices for ADA Compliance – CASp News & Information

Read our latest CASp news and best practices for ADA Access Compliance!

A sign posted on a fence that reads "to the Courts" with an arrow and a wheelchair symbol

Looking into the Steps of a Plaintiff ADA Accessibility Lawsuit

Breaking down the process of an ADA Accessibility lawsuit, with general step-by-step actions of the Plaintiff (disabled person suing) and the Defendant (small business owner). The last thing you want to have happen as a small business owner, is hearing the knock at your door and being served a lawsuit for ADA violations. Something small […]

Ada Compliance Services Bay Area

ADA Requirements – Bay Area CASp Inspection Reports – William M Holl

In Part 3 of the miniseries, we’ll focus on the inside of the business and take a look at ADA requirements for aisles, clearance and restrooms . These elements are very important as they directly affect your customers shopping experience. By following some of the steps below, and having a qualified CASp inspection report, you can keep your business and […]

A shopping cart designed for use with a wheelchair

Make Shopping easy for your customers this Year! Bay Area ADA Consultant

Making Shopping Easy (and Fun) for Your Customers in 2023! As the busy holiday shopping season is behind us and we look to the New Year, it is important to remember that your customers with disabilities require some modifications to your normal way of doing things. If you found that shopping may have been difficult […]

A diagram with a person in a wheelchair opening a door manually

Keeping your Business Safe | Silicon Valley ADA Compliance Services

In Part 2 of our miniseries, we are going to look at “Doors, Doorways and Gates.” These accessible elements are called into question and reviewed almost every time there is a tenant improvement or alteration. By following the requirements below, and having a qualified CASp inspection report, you can keep your business and patrons safe […]

Accessible Parking Space markings

Keeping your Business Safe | Silicon Valley ADA Consulting Service

Thank you for reading our blog, we really hope you enjoy our material. We are always happy to explore specifics questions on areas of the California Building Code (CBC), for our clients, and we openly welcome calls or emails to discuss the details of any information you read and want to learn more about. We […]

A person in a wheelchair wheeling themselves up a curb with no ADA accessibility

Path of Travel Upgrades | Silicon Valley ADA Consultant

Scoping and path of travel upgrade requirements for facility alteration, addition and structural repair projects Did you know there are specific requirements that must be met when you make additions or alterations to your property? I have listed, with detailed explanation, the requirements below for your convenience and review. Accessibility: You must make certain that […]

ADA Celebrates 25 years Holl CASp

ADA Celebrates 33 years! Bay Area ADA Consultant Bill Holl

If you have a business, be sure to read below how to ensure you stay in compliance of this very important law. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law 33 years ago on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush. The ADA is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil […]

A parking lot with Accessible curbs and marked parking spaces

Assessing and removing barriers to accessibility to help business growth

“It’s strange to see yellow markings when the only place you could technically use them would be the cross hatching at the access isle. All other lines are required to be blue and the International Symbol of Accessibility is required to be a square, white on a blue background.” The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), […]

Silicon Valley CASp Inspection

CBC Changes | Silicon Valley CASp Inspection | Certified Access Specialist Silicon Valley

The 2013 California Building Code (CBC), Intervening Code Cycle Amendments to Chapter 11B, Accessibility to Public Accommodations, will take effect July 1, 2015. A CASp inspection by a Certified Access Specialist can take away the worry and headache from these new changes, and make sure your business is compliant for the busy summer season! These […]

A wheelchair at the base of stairs

William M. Holl – Certified Access Specialist CASp- Serving All of California

After working as a Certified Access Specialist (CASp), for almost two years I’ve realized that most owners and tenants of public accommodations do not know what the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), requires even though it has been law for twenty-three years. One of the goals of the CASp program is to educate owners […]

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